Our Team

Dedicated to innovative storytelling, our team are focussed on producing creative, gritty and immersive media.

Rishi Pelham

Co Founder & Managing Director

From working on documentaries for the United Nations, to directing theatre for the Edinburgh Fringe (Pizza Delique, 2016), editing for the BBC, and co-directing a feature film (Tape, 2017), Rishi has built up an extensive portfolio over the past eight years.

Rishi has dedicated the past two years to his first feature-film, Hilda (2019), acting as writer, director, editor, as well as composer. Hilda highlights the struggles of isolation, financial hardship, and family crises- hoping to spark discussion concerning these pressing issues.


Dylan Zarrella

Co Founder & Managing Director

Dylan Zarrella has worked as a director (Tape, 2016), head-editor (Rihla, 2017), and production manager on several theater plays at the 2015-2017 Edinburgh Fringe Festivals.

His recent feature-length documentary, Sumsare (2017), documents the evolution of the Erasmus program through 40 interviews spanning 20 nationalities; it was selected for the Barcelona Medimed 2018, and is in distribution by Zarafilm.


Tomos Roberts

Co Founder & Managing Director

Whether it be Writing, Directing, Editing or Producing, Tom is unable to ignore his passion for gritty, immersive storytelling. In his spare time Tom dabbles with Spoken Word Poetry which he writes and performs across London and Manchester having worked with the BBC, Sky, and most prolifically on his Tomfoolery Facebook Page.

Dedicated to improving social mobility through film and new media, Tom is currently refining his latest screenplay Blaggers Rights, the story of a wordsmith who is able to capture the imagination of the public, which is beginning development with Odds On in the Summer of 2019.


Nassim Mniai

Head of Production

Following a lifelong appreciation for cinema and entrepreneurship, Nassim Mniai has been working for the last two years as a producer on Hilda.


Our current works in progress include Hilda (2019), Blaggers Rights (2020) and Sans Regret (2020).

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